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When is the Best Time to Buy a Car at an Auction?

When is the Best Time to Buy a Car at an Auction?

There is a season for everything, even for buying cars and more specifically there is a time to buy cars at auctions. Knowing the used car market ebbs and flows, can help you discover how to make the right purchase easily and can even lend you sales at a real bargain price. We bring you details of some of the best times to buy car auction Pakistan to make the most out of it at endurable prices. Check the Famewheels Car Auction Pakistan for reliable and efficient cars in Pakistan. Here are some of the best times to buy cars at auctions:

Be Careful During Tax Refund Seasons

It is not a threat but a true story. Between February and July the time when people receive federal tax refunds, many ppl have the cash and usually search for a good deal. Used car prices tend to rise because, when ppl have more money at car auction pakistan, it is likely they will bid higher. Always know how much you intend to spend and be cautious of the actual car you want so that you don’t end up spending more in excitement. 

Pre Holiday Season 

During the time just before christmas when everyone is looking out for the perfect gifts for their loved ones, you should definitely take this opportunity.  People are more likely to unload an unwanted car to gain some extra cash on auction cars for sale in Karachi. So there will be more cars than usual and you can get your potential match. You can even get exclusive Christmas deals and offers.

Prefer Weekends 

Many car auction Pakistan holders prefer special weekend deals. Weekends are the time when the customers are in for a treat and ready to shop. Mondays usually follow up on the rest of the business while the middle of the week is the slowest for auto dealers. However, sometimes the sales are so low that the salesperson might make you a great deal to get a car sale. 

Last Days of Month are in for a treat 

The best day to shop at a Car auction in Pakistan are the last days of the month. The last days of the month are the most crucial, when most sales people are trying to close their deals. Many people put in more effort to meet their sales goals to sell cars and might be open to more negotiations. At the end of the month, there are more chances to buy a used car at great deals and at the same time help seller meet their goals. 

End of the Business day  

Usually you can get more lucky when the the day is just about it end. To get cars on a cheaper price the end of the day is the most preferable time for going to auction cars for sale in Karachi. The sellers are in a hurry to get home and wrap up the deals to finalize their sales for the day. However, sometimes if you return to auction and dealership at this time the seller think that you are in a desperate need to get a particular car and hence will not be open to much bargain. 

When new Models come out

It is more likely that when a new model arrive at auctions, there is a need to let out the old models. For this reason there are going to be better negitsitions and deals for old models and you can make a swift bargain. 


Even though there are certain times and season to buy something, you can always get lucky. If it is your day, you will definitely get a good deal at the Car auction Pakistan that will be in your favour. If you are still looking out for amazing offers, then you should definitely try your chances during holiday season, weekends, last days of the month or the end of days.

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