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Top 10 most affordable new cars in Pakistan

Top 10 most affordable new cars in Pakistan

It is no secret that the task of shopping for budget-friendly brand new cars in Pakistan becomes a nightmare with the overflowing choices of cars. To make things easier, we have put together a list of the top 10 exciting new cars in Pakistan. These new cars in Pakistan are giving the best combination that comprises affordability, reliability, and features, thus are ideal for those buyers who want the best possible value for their buck.

1. Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran, along with other budget-friendly vehicles, to this day is among the most preferred options by people in the Pakistani market. Hard to miss is the Mehran’s stability and low price of operation that have made it a brand of choice for budget-minded shoppers who are after a simple but dependable vehicle.

2. Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto provides a present-day, cheap car as a choice to the Mehran. To many people, the Alto would be their cup of tea mainly because of its model precision (small), fuel efficiency and price competitiveness which are characteristics of an urban commute and first car owner and also they are launching new cars in Pakistan.

3. United Bravo

Recently, the United Bravo model has been gaining popularity in Pakistan, thanks to its affordable price point. Equipped with a snazzy design, generous features, and a reasonable price, the Bravo boasts outstanding value for money and also provides new cars in Pakistan. It won the hearts of budget-conscious customers and enriched its name as a trusted device among them.

4. Prince Pearl

Smart Pearl is also offering another of the cheap car segment catering to those who want fashion, comfort, and of course, affordability. The car has a spacious interior and an environment friendly engine and that’s why many families and individuals who don’t want to miss any comfort while keeping within the budget consider the Pearl and they are continuously launching new cars in Pakistan.

5. Suzuki Cultus

Pakistani people have been getting on the Suzuki Cultus a good deal as a cost-effective and trusted hatchback vehicle for quite a while now in new cars in Pakistan. Towards the sports utility market, Cultus gets its competitive advantage by virtue of its fuel efficient engine, comfort consuming interior, and bargain prices. 

6. Suzuki Wagon R:

The Wagon R is a favourite of highly practical and cheap car-owners. In Pakistan, it stands out for its spacious interior, good fuel economy, and decent pricing , which make it a good VFM proposal.

7. FAW V2

The fawn V2 gives stiff competition to other brands in the budget segment because of its modern design, better features, and attractive cost. It is equipped with a vehicle with a small, economical engine that is affordable in new cars in Pakistan. An economical interior space and powerful engine make it highly attractive to budget minded clients looking for both reliability and class to their cars.

8. United Alpha

The whole United Alpha comes with an excellent value proposition for those who are looking for a reasonable and practicable family sedan that can be bought in Pakistan. Despite the interior of the car itself being spacious, an efficient engine model and a reasonable price, the Alpha model has received a huge boost in the Pakistani market.

9. DFSK Glory 580

DFSK Glory 580, as an ideal SUV in Pakistan, is featured as a package ensuring spaciousness, comfort, and affordability. This highly spacious, best-equipped and, at the same time, standard-level-price sedan makes it irresistible.

10. Suzuki Bolan

Suzuki Bolan remains a hallmark in the Pakistani car market just as a commercial vehicle and a private car too. Encased in a durable shell and spacious inside, the Bolan has been the first pick of many users to this day and Bolan is launching advanced features in new cars in Pakistan.

It is just as simple as grocery or food shopping to buy a new car in Pakistan. Considering these 10 best-selling economy cars, from the hatchback to the sport utility, there is a wide range of selection for shoppers. These small sized cars not only brings value for money, reliability but also driving pleasure. All without costing you too much.

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