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Mg Car Price in Pakistan

MG Car Price in Pakistan

Are you a car enthusiast looking for a brand new MG car in Pakistan? Or do you want to know more about cars?  Mg cars are some of the most expensive and elegant cars in Pakistan and MG car price in Pakistan depends on the model, specifications, and features, offering consumers a range of options to choose from.. With an amazing interior built of durable features and a stylish and modern exterior, this car is perfect for car enthusiasts and would be a good addition to their collection. Well, stay tuned till the end to figure out some famous MG car models in Pakistan and get to know their price ranges.

Mg Car Price in Pakistan

It is expected that with the growing rate of MG car sales, they are expected to reach an annual growth rate of 1.52% worldwide, and Pakistan is no exception to these statistics.

The Average price of an Mg car in Pakistan starts from 8,099,000PKR for a new MG HS to about 14,999,000PKR for an MG ZS EV. Currently, there are 3 MG cars available in Pakistan. These cars are MG HS, MG 4 with 81 lacs with 1.1-1.3 crore, and MG ZS EV with 1.3-1.5 crore. These cars are made to be driven in cities or off-road. These cars are made to retain extravagance and reputation. 

4 Worth Buying Features of Mg Car

To attain the most luxurious set of cars, it is necessary to know their most important features.


All cars come with LED daytime running lights, rear parking sensors for cars, and LED center brakes. These cars have aero wipers and electrically adjustable side mirrors.


Mg SUV consists of a driver 6-way seat arrangement. While passenger seats are 4-way adjustable.  Both cars have heated front seats; however, ZS EV gives you the option to choose from leather or fabric seats. HS consists of a 10.5-inch screen, and Zs consists of 8 8-inch screen. Both cars are compatible with Apple and Android and consist of 4 or 6-speaker audio systems.

Engine and power 

The Hs comes with a shopping 1.5GDI turbocharged engine, giving a maximum of 160 Horsepower and 250 NM torque. These cars contain 7-speed auto transmissions and 6-speed manuals. While the Zs EV includes a maximum of 44.5kWh battery, it gives 141 Horsepower at 350 NM torque. It can travel up to 262 kilometers with a single charge.

Safety and assistance

Mg cars take great care of their customers’ safety; they offer cars with six airbags, making them secure for driving. It also contains an electronic stability program, tyre pressure monitoring, engine immobilizer, and anti-rolling protection that prevents the car from toppling. These cars have a special off-road feature known as hill assistant.


In reality, Mg cars prices in Pakistan are some of the best-rated cars in the market, with unlimited user-friendly features and ultra care for luxury. A car brand that understands the desire of car riders and fulfils every demand. MG Cars are introducing some new variants for their new collection. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to buy some interesting things in the future.

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