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Mehran Car Price

Mehran Car Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran belongs to the prestigious lines of car history in Pakistan. Mehran cars are developed to build endurance and performance. They have one of the most durable and long-lasting engines and tires that can last years of use. With a mileage of 13 to 18 miles and an 800cc engine, this car is perfect for driving in busy cities of Pakistan. In this blog, we have written about the Mehran car price in Pakistan and the features of it that make it worth buying. 

Mehran Price

Suzuki Mehran cars are priced between 700,000-130,000PKR if you buy a new one. The starting price for a used variant starts from 870,000 PKR. These cars are known for their cheap prices and good quality. Mehran is one of the most sold cars in Pakistan. 

4 Worth Buying Features of Mehran Car

The following are some of the features of the Mehran car that make it worth buying:

  1. Huge Resale Prices 

Mehran cars are quite known for their huge resale prices. These cars are rarely devalued and maintain a high resale rate closer to the first sale. This way, any user will be less lost if one chooses to resale their cars. Mehran is also considered the cheapest car in the Pakistani car market; it still has other competitors. This car is one of the oldest car sellers and is still popular for its quality services. The cheap rates make the car scalable to people of lower and middle class. Hence, this car includes a high resale price even after using it for years, so it is a convenient buy for the users.

  1. Low Maintenance Cars

A Suzuki Mehran is available in graphite gray, pearl red, beige, silky silver, and solid white. These cars have a prompt and durable construction of the car body that allows them to be easily maintained from small scratches or bumps. They have a ground clearance of 160mm with a 1330 kg weight, and this is easily stable for the roads of Pakistan. Mehran cars are built with interesting features such as an immobilizer, child lock, and a high-mount stop lamp that makes them unique.

  1. A Good Choice for Beginners

Mehran cars are manual, however, they are easy to operate with less complicated mechanisms or buttons. With a wondrous 39HP horsepower, this car had a good start threshold rate. The car can work best at a maximum speed of 140 km/h. The boot spacing is 254L which helps keep track of pedals. The steering wheel is from rack and pinion with a turning radius of 4.4m. All these features make the car perfect for those who want to learn how to drive and want a small car with a strong body that is easy and convenient to access. 

  1. Easy to fix 

Mehran car parts are easily available in the market. Being a popular and affordable car, its parts are not easily available but affordable as well. Front suspension brakes consist of tube shock coil springs, and rear suspension brakes consist of tube shock with leaf springs. The wheels consist of steel rims and are about 12 inches. These specifications are commonly used and stored in car repair shops or markets mainly because of their cheap prices and due to the rage behind Suzuki Mehran cars.


Mehran cars are some of the most bought cars in Pakistan. These cars are priced at a cheap rate so that it is available to the masses. These cars are small and are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to drive or those who are new to cars. It also has an easy-fix capacity because its parts are readily available on the market, which makes these cars convenient to handle and a good choice for beginners.

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