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10 Tips for Buying a Car in Pakistan

10 Tips for Buying a Car in Pakistan

The growing availability of a wide variety of cars in Pakistan has led to an increased interest of car  customers. Following the implementation of auto development act policy in 2016, the local autos have started to present their own unique models, completely new in the market. Choosing what works the best for you and what is light on your budget is an extremely important as well as the most daunting part. When buying used cars in Pakistan it comes down as more of an art than business and finds the best one. We present you 10 tips for buying a car in Pakistan so that we can help you navigate the best direction to get started.

1. Consider your budget

The first step to consider buying a car in Pakistan is to always announce your budget. Or more importantly, set aside the budget and the cars that you can buy within it. Using websites or visiting car dealers can help you to know what vehicle you can buy with a particular price range. With just a few clicks away you will be able to make a list of vehicles you can buy in your current budget.

2. Do your research

Make a specific list of vehicles you want to buy. It is important to research about them to strengthen  your choice. Do not make a decision based on what you want or what other uses recommend you. Not everything that you hear might work for you hence divide the cars with some simple questions such as: What features are you looking for? Can you put up with the maintenance and refueling cost? What about resale and part availability in your area? the types of cars that you would like to drive, whether you want to buy a used or a new car? and what company to buy from? All of the questions are crucial and provide structure for your next move of buying a car in Pakistan.

3. Set up a meeting with the seller

After finalizing your vehicle it is best to make a visit to your nearest and most trusted car seller. You can use the Famewheels website to get more information such as, price, mileage, color, City, registered city and find the perfect match used car in Pakistan. Don’t forget to contact your friends and any expert that knows about cars and their prices to gain more inside of what you are getting yourself into. If it is a private seller make sure to give them a call and show your interest so that they can help you navigate what to do next.

4. What questions to ask the owner

Ask about more information for example, the mileage, availability of original documents, any known issue and contacts to date. Try to get an idea if this seller is willing to give any kind and discount on the prices. If it is a private seller, remember to call and inquire before you meet and always meet at a neutral place in the presence of an individual with you.

5. See what benefits will you be getting on buying a used car 

While a locally assembled vehicle is more easy to take care of, through standard warranty and native original equipment manufacturer they have excellent structures but lack basic features. Used Japanese cars are categorized in low price segments and stocked with key features such as airbags, smart entry and climate controlled air conditioning. However buying cars in Pakistan always has issues such as scarcity of parts and that they are never in a good condition especially after a good mileage count.

6. Inspect the car 

After selecting Your vehicle it is important to check for all faults. Get the car inspected by a trusted mechanic. Make sure you check the mechanical and physical condition of the car. If you are knowledgeable about the car, inspect it  yourself. check for noise, especially engine noises. Check the car below, body structure, dents, paint suspension and tires. Check the auction sheets of cars imported from Japan. 

7. Take a test drive 

Take a test drive to ensure that the car suits your needs and expectations. Drive the car for about 3-5 kilometers and make your final choice. It is crucial to take a test drive to bridge the gap between your expectations and what you received.

8. Check documents

Double and triple check the chassis number with the one on the documents. Check discrepancy or whether the file of the car is a duplicate. Check the goods declaration, bill of lading and export certificate of buying a car Pakistan. 

9. Check payment methods

If you want to finalize your car, then go to the next step here. Avoid payment in cash. Pay the owner by getting a pay order made in his name. You must have evidence and a money trail for your transaction. The sale receipt should be signed by you.

10. Transfer the vehicle to your name 

Transfer the vehicle in your name because driving an open letter is illegal. If you bought a used car, then get its maintenance and repair done before using it on the roads on buying a car in Pakistan.

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